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MFS03P Standing Multi Fly


PulsoGym MFS03P is a Standing Multi Fly Machine designed for performing a variation of the chest fly exercise while standing. This machine typically targets the chest muscles (pectoralis major) and shoulder muscles (anterior deltoids) and is used for strength training and muscle development. The "multi" aspect of the name suggests that it may offer various adjustable settings or handles for different exercise variations and muscle targeting.

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Weight Stack 100 kg
Frame material Oval Metal Pipe
Thickness 3mm
Frame Color Matte Black (Optional Silver Grey, White, Yellow, Red)
Upholstery Color *
Arm Color Yellow (Optional Matte Black, Silver Grey, White, Red)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1500×930×2000mm
Packing Size (plywood box) 1920×990×640mm
Net weight 352 kg
Gross weight *
Country of design Portugal
Country of manufacture PRC