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TML720 Commercial Treadmill


The PulsoGym TML720 is a Commercial Treadmill equipped with a powerful commercial-grade motor, with a large built-in LED screen with access to hundreds of workouts to impressive levels of incline/decline. Spacious running area, heavy-duty build, and up to 7hp powerful motor allow people of all shapes and sizes, from professional athletes to simply staying in shape, to get a solid cardio workout.

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Display Type LED screen
Input supply voltage AC 220V士10%
Motor rated power 3.0HP(2.2Kw)
Motor rated frequency 50HZ (4-100HZ)
Motor rated current 8.6A
Motor peak power 7HP
Working temperature 0-40℃
Speed display range 1.0-20.0(km/h)
Time display range 0:00-99.99 (min:sec)
Distance display range 0.00一99.99 (km)
Heat display range 0-999(kcal)
Heart rate display range 50-250 (Times/Mins)
Slope display range 0-20 %
Overload protector 15A
Power cord specification 20A
Running belt parameter 3310×600 mm
Running range 1500×600 mm
Packing Size (plywood box) 2100×1000×430mm
Packing Size (carton) 1150×1020×450mm
Using Size 2030×950×1570mm
Load bearing 180kg
Net weight 178kg
Gross weight 210kg
Country of design Portugal
Country of manufacture PRC