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BKS500 Friction Resistance Spinning Bike


The PulsoGym BKS500 is a commercial Friction Resistance Spinning Bike designed for intense cardiovascular workouts and lower body strengthening. This bike provides a challenging and practical workout experience. The term "friction resistance" refers to the resistance mechanism used in these bikes, where a friction pad or brake pad makes contact with the flywheel to create resistance.

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Display Type *
Screen size *
Max use weight 150 kg
Motor *
Heart Rate Monitor *
Resistance adjustment method Felt friction
Resistance Level *
Adjust balance Four-leg adjustment knob
Main structure Triangular frame structure
Tube Material Q235
Aluminum tube *
Handle Material *
Handle outer material Integral dipping
Handle inner material Stainless steel 304
Using Size 1230mm×620mm×1220mm
Packing Size (plywood box) *
Packing Size (carton) 1200×250×980mm
Net weight 66 kg
Flywheel weight 18 kg
Country of design Portugal
Country of manufacture PRC